Several of our services are available again

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The Hungarian national library will gradually restart its services that have been suspended due to the epidemic situation.

Reference service
As of Wednesday June 10, 2020, the central reference service of National Széchényi Library is operating again at the following phone numbers: (+361) 224-3845, (+361) 224-3848. The service is available Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. 
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Copy making service
Out of our reprographic services, digital and paper-based occasional copy making of library documents are available again as of Thursday June 11, 2020. You can submit your orders and requests in electronic form at, or via our special collections. Until the full opening of the Library, the completed orders can only be delivered by post or courier service. Whenever it is possible, the required documents will be sent online.  The fee for the services can be paid by cash on delivery or by bank transfer. The Birthday Package and MATARKA services are not yet available, however, they are scheduled to be resumed within the next two or three weeks.
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Legal deposit service
As of Monday June 8, 2020, legal deposits can be personally submitted again at the usual place, Room No. 302 on Floor 3 of the NSZL building. We kindly ask you to wear a mask and protecting gloves when submitting the legal deposits. Thank you for your patience during the pandemic situation!

Interlibrary loan
Interlibrary loan can be requested again in the usual way.
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