Supplementum Corvinianum

Dissertatio de Regiae Budensis bibliothecae...

Dissertatio de Regiae Budensis bibliothecae Mathiae Corvini ortu, lapsu, interitu et reliquiis
Discussion of the establishment, decline, ruin, and the remains of Matthias Corvinus’ royal library in Buda

Written by Xystus Schier
Afterword and editing by István Monok
[Supplementum Corvinianum V.]
National Széchényi Library, Budapest, 2019., 204 pages
Language: Hungarian, Latin, English
ISBN 978-963-200-700-7

4 500,- Ft

A Home of Arts and Muses. The Library of King Matthias Corvinus

A Home of Arts and Muses The Library of King Matthias Corvinus
Edited by Edina Zsupán

Bibliotheca Nationalis Hungariae, Budapest, 2017.
(Supplementum Corvinianum IV, edidit Stephanus Monok)
212 pages
ISBN 978-963-200-675-8

4 950,- Ft

Corvina Augusta

Corvina Augusta
Die Handschriften des Königs Matthias Corvinus in der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel
Hrsg. von Edina Zsupán unter Mitarbeit von Christian Heitzmann
Bibliotheca Nationalis Hungariae, Budapest, 2014.
[Supplementum Corvinianum III, edidit Stephanus Monok), 320 pages
ISBN 978-963-200-625-3

5 000,- Ft
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