Literary Journal 2022/4. János Oláh

Literary Journal 2022/4. János Oláh

Literary Journal 2022/4. János Oláh
Editor-in-Chief: Péter János Kondor
NSZL–PLM–Magyar Napló Publishers Ltd., Budapest, 2022., 128 pages
ISSN 2063-8019

1 590,- Ft

The Literary Journal commemorates the 80th birth anniversary of János Oláh, who was awarded the Laurel Wreath of Hungary, the Attila József Award, and the Sándor Márai Award.

János Oláh's career began with the anthology Elérhetetlen föld [Unreachable Land] (1969) by the Group of Nine Poets, followed by his first book of poems, Fordulópont [Turning Point] (1972), and his novels Közel [Close] (1977), Visszatérés [Return] (1979) and Az őrült [The Madman] (1983). In addition to his short stories (Az Örvényes partján [On the Shores of the Örvényes] – 1988; Vérszerződés [Blood Oath] – 2001; Száműzött történetek [Exiled Stories] – 2011), he has also published a drama collection, Kenyérpusztítók [Breadlosers] (1993), as well as audio plays, screenplays and essays.

János Oláh's work as an editor, literary manager and talent mentor is unparalleled. From 1994 until his death in 2016, as editor-in-chief of the Magyar Napló [Hungarian Journal] and the Irodalmi Magazin [Literary Journal], and as head of the publishing house, he helped the career and professional development of many writers, poets, editors and literary historians.

The aim of our compilation is to approach this complex oeuvre from new perspectives and to broaden the horizon of his work's reception. In addition to the complexity of the lyrical oeuvre, its possible sources and the characteristics of his prose work, the discussions and essays also present János Oláh's work as a literary manager and dramatist. Under the title Oláh János-inspiráció [Inspired by János Oláh], short essays on the defining artistic experiences and shared memories of fellow authors will be presented.

The issue is illustrated with archival images and photos of the author's bequest, works by artists dear to the author and his own prints and paintings.

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