Lymbus 2011

Lymbus 2011

Lymbus 2011
Source Publications in Hungarian Studies
Editor in Chief: Gábor Ujváry
NSZL– International Association for Hungarian Studies– Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Budapest, 2012., 496 pages

ISSN 0865 0632

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This renewed and modified version of an earlier periodical of the same title, Lymbus, Source Publications in Hungarian Studies has been being published from 2003. Its main profile is the publication of documents of considerable historical value from 1526 to 1945 explored during the research of Hungarica. The interpretation of the sources published in their original language is facilitated by introductory studies and a great deal of explanatory notes in Hungarian.

The publication of the yearbook is supported by the following prestigious Hungary-based workshops of Hungarology: Balassi Institute, Hungarian National Archives, International Association for Hungarian Studies, National Széchényi Library.


  • Katalin Prajda: A travel journal of a visiting Florence envoy (1427)
  • Farkas Gábor Kiss: The Guarino-panegyricus by Janus Pannonius in university education
  • Chiara M. Carpentieri, Armando Nuzzo: An Italian eyewitness’s report on the death of Bálint Balassi
  • Edina Zvara: Manuscripts of prayers and letters of clergymen and pastors from the Esterházy Library (Mihály Vörösmarti, Pál Ceglédi Szabó, Péter Szenci Csene)
  • Nóra Dobozy: A Traumbüchlein from 1616 and its source
  • Tamás Kruppa: Miklós Zrínyi’s correspondence with Venice ambassador Nicoló Sagredo in 1648. Thoughts on the background of Zrínyi’s works Áfium and Meditations on [King] Matthias
  • András Péter Szabó: The autobiography of Poprád evangelical pastor Tobias Weiß
  • Dávid Csorba: The so far unknown book lists of Sámuel Kaposi Juhász
  • László Zsigmond Bujtás: An instruction for a peregrinus to travel to the Netherlands (between 1689 and 1702)
  • Zsuzsa Demeter: A letter from Sándor Kovásznai to Gedeon Ráday Sr. and a fragment of a commentary to Porábúl meg-éledett Főnix [Phoenix reborn from its ashes]  
  • Béla Kiss: The Aestethics lectures of Julius Gabelhofer at Pest University (1791)   
  • Irén Rab: The promotion files of Ézsaiás Budai in the archives of Göttingen University
  • Deák Eszter: „Mit Sehnsucht erwarte ich den Katalog von Eurer Excellenz
  • Balázs Füreder: A German-language catalog of restaurants from the early 19th century
  • Annamária Biró: György Aranka’s Older inhabitants of Transylvania
  • Rita Ratzky: From the prosecutor’s documents of József Katona
  • Katalin Kozma: The biography of Karl Anton Gruber from 1824
  • Mariann Czifra: A letter from Karolina Gyulay to Ferenc Kazinczy in 1827
  • Károly Sziklavári: Genealogy chronicles of the Egressy family
  • Csaba Fazekas: River regulation and church policy (from the documents of the national committee for the Act IV of 1840)
  • Anna Tüskés: Letters from Hungarian art collectors, historians of art and artwork dealers (Miklós Esterházy, Márton Kulcsár, Simon Meller, Marcell Nemes, Móric Pálffy, László Pokorny, György Ráth) to Wilhelm von Bode
  • Zoltán Oszkár Szőts: Dr. Ödön Hupka, a martyr of National Széchényi Library in World War I.
  • László Illés: An attempt at saving proletarian literature (a contemporary assessment by Béla Illés)
  • Andrea Glavanovics: It happened 60 years ago – a report by British ambassador to Hungary R. M. A. Hankey summarizing the year 1952 to Foerign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden

Research report

  • Géza Szentmártoni Szabó: Report on the research carried out in Naples from 22 June to 22 July within the framework of the Klebelsberg Kuno scholarship