Mercurius 2015–2016–2017

Mercurius 2015–2016–2017

Mercurius 2015–2016–2017
National Széchényi Library
Editor in Chief: László Boka
Edited by Franciska Dede
NSZL, Budapest, 2018., 96 pages
ISSN 1589 4738

1 200,- Ft

Mercurius is the official yearbook of National Széchényi Library that, following the tradition of the previous OSZK Híradó (NSZL News), and the OSZK-NSZL Yearbooks, provides information on the yearly activity of the Hungarian National Library, its performance, tasks assumed, main events and most important academic achievements. The present volume covering three years was edited by Franciska Dede.



Foreword from the Editor

Memorial Years, Anniversaries

  • Propaganda in World War I – research projects, exhibition, conference, publications, accompanying events
  • The 1956 Memorial Year
    The 1956 Memorial Year at the NSZL 1956 Institute Oral History Archive
    The Hungarian October. The revolution of 1956 online
  • The Saint Martin Memorial Year
    The Saint Martin Memorial Year and the Ernst Codex facsimile edition
  • The János Arany Memorial Year
    Exhibition, accompanying events, publishing and restoration projects, institutional cooperation
    “Foreign policy”, restoration program, consortial cooperation
    “Arany, you gold of gold!” – János Arany poetry recitation contest
  • Reformation 500
    The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation at NSZL

Anniversary Exhibitions and Chamber Exhibitions

  • As you are sitting in front of me… - Dr. Flóra Kozmutza, Mrs. Gyula Illyés was born 110 years ago
  • Give me a Biro – László Bíró exhibition, 12 November 2015 – 6 February 2016
  • “Memories of my Life” – An exhibition to mark 100 years since the death of Károly Goldmark
  • “He offered his treasures to the nation” – Gyula Todoreszku was born 150 years ago
  • “The song might not have been forgotten yet” – An exhibition for the bicentenary of the birth of Mihály Tompa

Featured Exhibitions, Events, Background Works

  • “Colorful heralds of our black and white treasures” – Hungarian sound film posters 1931-1944

Film posters reloaded

  • Spoiled for Choice – Chamber exhibition of the treasures of the Collection of Posters and Small Prints (24 October 2016 – 3 February 2018)
  • Hungarians in the Caucasus
  • Zichy’s pencil-drawn heroes
  • Library Salon IV-VI.
  • Orientalists at NSZL – The beginning of a new tradition at the library

The NSZL Publishing House

  • A selection of our publications 2015, 2016, 2017
  • A Home of Arts and Muses: The Library of King Matthias Corvinus – Workshop and exhibition in the Hungarian Pavilion of the Milan Expo
  • The participation of National Széchényi Library at book publishers’ events between 2015 and 2017

Conferences, Research Sessions, Roundtable Discussions

  • Jan Hus and Hussitism in the Hungarian culture
  • Taking care of our academic wealth
  • Roundtable discussions on old books at NSZL
  • FITA – Young Writers’ Exhibition

Open Days, Memorial Days

Night of Museums

  • Night of Museums 2015
  • Night of Museums 2016
  • The golden fund of NSZL, upholder of values - Night of Museums 2017

Night of Researchers

  • Night of Researchers 2015
  • Night of Researchers 2016
  • Night of Researchers 2017

Ferenc Széchényi Memorial Day – 2015, 2016, 2017

Cultural Heritage Days 2016 – Metamorphosis and symbiosis

Past and Present

  • 15 years of trainings
  • Trainings of the Library Institute for Hungarian librarians abroad (2002-2017)
  • New trends, new hopes in a world of challenges

International Relations

  • International relations, cooperation, memberships
  • 2017 – A year of Oriental relations
  • Representing NSZL abroad. Main visits and projects: 2016-2017

Zirc Events