Old Prints of Hungary 1656–1670, vol. 4.

Old Prints of Hungary 1656–1670, vol. 4.

Old Prints of Hungary 1656–1670, vol. 4.
Edited by Judit P. Vásárhelyi, with the co-operation of Judit V. Ecsedy, István Käfer
NSZL–Akadémiai Publishing House, Budapest, 2012., 1362 pages
ISBN 978 963 200 595 9

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This is a new volume of the retrospective national bibliography series compiled by the Department of Research in Book and Culture History at National Széchényi Library. It offers the detailed bibliography of works printed between 1656 and 1670 partly or entirely in Hungarian, or in any language (Hungarian, Latin, German, biblical Czech, Romanian) within the territory of historical Hungary. It contains the descriptions of 1071 prints from item No. 2626. to No. 3696, and 55 Appendix items from No. 216. to No. 271.

The structure of this volume as well as the description of the items follows the method successfully applied in the previous parts: first comes the title of the item, its physical characteristics (extent, format, etc.), then the genre, the units of content and structure, and finally what research states regarding the work, the author, the source, and the circumstances of publication and print. At the end follow the data of the copies, including the collections where they can be found, and their conditions.

This reference is meant to be comprehensive, so also includes prints that do not have copies remained but whose publication is confirmed by trustworthy sources, and prints that were probably published. In the Appendix, descriptions are offered of the publications excluded from the scope of this volume, as research had wrongly assumed that they date from before 1671 or that they had been published in the territory of historical Hungary.

The images of the front pages of the prints (or if they lack, of another page) in a separate unit of this volume facilitate the identification of newly found copies. Researchers can also make use of the ten different indexes included.