Map Collection

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In line with Government Decree No. 484/2020 (XI. 10.), National Széchényi Library has suspended indefinitely its personally available public services as of Wednesday November 11, 2020. Please, note that many of our services are still available remotely (via email, online). Detailed information

Information service

NSZL staff  will be glad to give you information via phone or by e-mail. You can address your questions by e-mail or, during the opening hours of Map Collection, at the following phone number: +361 224 3700/ ext. 353.


Use of the Reading Room, use of documents

Only prepared items can be used. Reader’s requests are accepted via phone, by e-mail or by traditional mail.
Documents which have not been digitized can be viewed in original.
Documents which exist in a digital format can be viewed in original only in highly exceptional cases. These items can be researched only on computer.
Ten minutes before the closure of Reading Room, documents delivered from the repository must be returned to NSZL staff in charge of the Reading Room. Staff in charge is obliged to check their condition and the number of serviced documents in the reader’s presence.
On reader’s demand, documents brought up from repository can be reserved for 2x5 days.


Digital copies can be ordered in a 300 dpi resolution tops. The fee is set per file. Copies can be ordered by e-mail, by traditional mail or online. Method of payment is cash.

Terms of use

If the ordered copy is published, reader is obliged to ask for a publication license before his or her order is fulfilled. This letter contains terms and conditions related to the document that reader wishes to publish. Ordered digital copies will be delivered only if reader holds a publication license.

How to use the Collection

Most of the items of Map Collection can be found in an online database dubbed NEKTÁR. At the same time, these items can also be accessed in the traditional card catalogue. On top of that, the Register of Property Sketches can be accessed on our website, in a searchable PDF format. Digitized works and services.

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