Bibliotheca Corvina virtualis

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Philostratus: Heroica (Cod. Lat. 417.)


The service launched in 2018 is a renewed version of the corvina website set up by National Széchényi Library in 2002, and it is also part of the complex Corvina Program that has lasted for decades under the management of the Hungarian national library. The long-term aim of the service is the virtual reconstruction of Bibliotheca Corvina, the royal library of King Matthias Hunyadi (1458–1490). In addition to a full visual display of codices and, to a smaller extent, of incunabula, NSZL’s service will also serve as a forum of corvina research, gaining momentum lately. Significant even in its fragments, the humanist collection has been a major and constant source group of not only the Hungarian, but also international Humanism and Renaissance research, and it is also one of Hungary’s cultural ambassadors in the world.

In the first phase of the development, in addition to the data sheet of all identified corvinas, a continuously expanding bibliography and several curiosities, the corvinas kept in Hungary and the ones owned by Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel will be displayed. Also displayed is availability information on all the corvinas – totaling some eighty items – that have been published by international keeper institutions on their own websites.

Website of the service