Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database

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Mercurius Veridicus 1705. Maji

Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (Hungarian abbreviation: EPA) is an initiative made by Hungarian Electronic Library, the main task of which is to keep records of, to register Hungary-related electronic and online periodical publications, as well as to archive, safely preserve on the long-run and service as many Hungary-related electronic periodical publications as possible.

In July 2020, EPA archived over 1,200 types of publications (including approximately 124,000 journal copies and 650,000 articles), and kept records of approximately 4,000 electronic periodical publications. Among the archived periodicals, there are a number of scientific journals (“born digital”, i.e. published only in an electronic format), literary journals, newspapers digitized retrospectively, scientific journals, humor magazines, but the Dear Reader can also browse in newspapers published across the borders, as well as in district and town bulletins.

EPA is in close cooperation with Miskolc-based MATARKA table-of-contents database (in the form of data exchange), by way of which one can search in the content of EPA according to the title and the author of the articles.

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