NSZL Web Archive

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The Web Archive of National Széchényi Library was created in 2017 with the aim of preserving and making researchable the digitally born Hungarian or Hungary-related cultural heritage, by way of periodically saving the content publicly published on the internet, which would later be organized into a collection.

Documents have been collected in three ways:
- selecting from major Hungarian websites,
- selecting from major news sources, in connection with important events,
- selecting from the Hungarian web space in general.

A specific range of scientific, cultural, educational and public content is collected selectively. General collection covers public websites registered under the .hu domain, or belonging to other domains but targeting the Hungarian audience.

In the case of archived web content, National Széchényi Library is primarily concerned with long-term preservation. In order to respect copyright and privacy, only a small portion of the collection can be viewed publicly. The rest of the archive is available on the closed service interface of the Library, primarily for research purposes.

NSZL Web Archive can be accessed here: https://webarchivum.oszk.hu