Hungarian Electronic Library

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The 1956 Hungarian revolution and the Soviet bloc countries: reactions and repercussions

Hungarian Electronic Library (Hungarian abbreviation: MEK) is the first Hungarian online digital library collection in Hungarian. Its foundation goes back to 1994-1995. As of September 1999, Hungarian Electronic Library has been operating within the framework of National Széchényi Library. Since 1999, the operation of Hungarian Electronic Library has been supported by a non-profit association.

MEK collects and services, free of charge, works published in a book format on scholarly, educational and cultural topics. Its stock includes both digitized documents and works written originally on a computer on a wide range of topics and in various genres: from encyclopedia via special manuals to literary works. In the spring of 2020, the collection already consisted of some 20,000 catalogued items; all in all, the collection includes tens of thousands of individual works. Hungarian Electronic Library also includes approximately 360 audio books, running several hundreds of hours and downloadable free of charge.

In most of the cases, these books can be downloaded in various formats and users with a special demand can choose from versions optimized for mobile devices or from a simplified, barrier-free surface. The daily number of MEK visitors ranges between 25,000 and 35,000.